Will Sean Bennett Vote to KILL Constitutional Carry Again?!

Session has just kicked off and gun owners are hitting the ground running to get Constitutional Carry across the finish line.

However, your Senator, Sean Bennett, has a very mixed record when it comes to this important, pro-gun legislation.

Last year, gun owners poured hot political ire over the heads of weak-kneed Republicans in the Senate, demanding passage of Constitutional Carry.

But only after Senator Bennett was subjected to a tidal wave of grassroots pressure did he finally vote in favor of this pro-gun legislation.

Our margins for passage are razor-thin and we still need another vote in the Senate to push this across the finish line.

Without his vote, gun owners could be waiting years for another chance to restore their rights in South Carolina.

Call Senator Sean Bennett at (803) 212-6410 and demand he vote to pass Constitutional Carry immediately.

As it stands, gun owners in South Carolina are forced to jump through bureaucratic hoops, take government-mandated training, get finger-printed like a common criminal, and wait 90 days just to carry a firearm.

And if you decide to carry without explicit government permission, you could end up facing a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

Doesn’t sound very American, does it?

But with Constitutional Carry, the Second Amendment is your permit.

Anyone who can legally own a firearm would be able to legally carry that firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones.

This is how it is done in TWENTY-SEVEN other states.

Because politicians like Sean Bennett previously stood in the way of gun owners, South Carolina is trailing dead last among Republican-held legislatures when it comes to your gun rights.

Gun owners have waited far too long.

So, when Constitutional Carry comes up for a vote, it is CRUCIAL that legislators invoke cloture as soon as possible.

Cloture forces a straight vote on a bill, with limited debate.

This will break any filibuster the political class could muster and prevent them from running out the clock.

So, call Senator Bennett at (803) 212-6410 and demand he vote for cloture on Constitutional Carry.

You can say “a vote against cloture is a vote against Constitutional Carry! No anti-gun amendments!”

Let me remind you that this year is do or die.

We have a long road ahead to hold these Senators accountable for their vote, so please consider chipping in $30 or $15 to help us keep the pressure up and make South Carolina the 26th Constitutional Carry state!

[1] Senate Roll Call Vote #378, SC Legislative Session 124




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