Senator Greg Hembree is LYING to Gun Owners!

Your Senator Greg Hembree not only voted to KILL Constitutional Carry but LIED to his constituents about what he voted against.

Even after this bill was debated for hours and plainly explained numerous times on the Senate floor, Hembree came up with an outrageous fabrication that Constitutional Carry will allow “criminals to carry guns just about anywhere they want.”

Call his office at (803) 212-6350 and tell him to STOP lying to his constituents, STOP cozying up to the gun control lobby in Columbia and pass Constitutional Carry bill S. 109 immediately.

As it stands in South Carolina, if you decide to arm yourself in public without first jumping through a plethora of bureaucratic hoops and begging government permission, you could face up to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail!

But with Constitutional Carry, anyone who can legally own a firearm can carry that firearm to defend themselves and their loved ones from thieves, criminals, and rapists.

TWENTY-FIVE states, half the country, have already enacted this pro-gun legislation, but thanks to Senators like Greg Hembree, South Carolina still trails behind.

Contrary to what Hembree is telling his voters, anyone that is currently barred under the law from legally owning or carrying a firearm are still barred under Constitutional Carry.

Obviously, he is missing the point that criminals DO carry anywhere they want because they’re just that… criminals.

It seems Mr. Hembree is attempting to push a Federal Firearms ban in South Carolina by only supporting the language of H. 3594.

As written, Constitutional Carry bill H. 3594 expands the number of people who can legally own a firearm in South Carolina by mirroring Federal law.

Let’s be clear.

South Carolina law enforcement have no need to carry out the bidding of the Federal Government.

In South Carolina if you are a felon, you are already barred from owning a firearm.

If passed as is, H. 3594 will expand the list of those prohibited from owning a firearm turning thousands of gun owners into criminals overnight.

Instead of fessing up to his constituents that he knowingly killed pro-gun legislation, Senator Hembree would rather try to cover his tracks with disinformation and institute a Federal firearms ban through Section 16 of House Bill 3594.

Call his office right now at (803) 212-6350 and demand he reverse course.

With just a few votes left to flip in the Senate your phone call could make all the difference.

But pouring on enough pressure to flip those votes is taking a massive amount of resources.

So after you make your call please consider chipping in $15 or $30 to help us push the advance!

Your dedication is the backbone of this battle and we can’t do it without your action and support.

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