Republicans Kill Constitutional Carry Again!

September 25, 2020


It’s like a bad rerun.

Yesterday evening, Speaker Jay Lucas and Majority Leader Gary Simrill killed two pro-gun proposals without debate or even a vote!

This is par for the course for Republican House Leadership in Columbia, as they have been killing pro-gun legislation for years.

It isn’t surprising that they still oppose Constitutional Carry legislation, but they also killed a bill that would have allowed churchgoers to defend themselves!

Instead of listening to the thousands of gun owners who contacted them yesterday demanding they pass Constitutional Carry, Lucas and Simrill opted to kill a church carry bill and to kill debate on pro-gun legislation all together.

Let me explain.

Pro-gun champion Jonathon Hill was poised to offer a Constitutional Carry amendment to a church carry bill (S. 293) that would have made this bill even more pro-gun!

But in an attempt to avoid taking a vote or having the debate on this important proposal, Lucas and Simrill opted to kill not only Constitutional Carry, but also the church carry legislation outright.

Sadly, some so-called conservative lawmakers bought leadership’s lies and are throwing Rep. Hill under the bus for fighting for Constitutional Carry.

Instead of standing with their colleague, they are coming to the defense of leadership, seemingly ignorant of the fact that leadership holds the power and are the party solely responsible for killing the church carry bill.

These politicians have clearly not been paying attention.

Jay Lucas and Gary Simrill have killed pro-gun legislation year after year and did so again just yesterday.

But Jonathon Hill continues to serve South Carolina gun owners as the only true pro-gun champion.

He is a “no compromise” fighter who refuses to bow to leadership and beg for our rights to be restored one sliver at a time.

I know Jonathon Hill isn’t backing down from this fight and neither is Palmetto Gun Rights.

So please sign your Constitutional Carry petition and show the weak-kneed lawmakers in Columbia that gun owners are tired of the infringements.

Your signed petition will be delivered to the politicians and will clearly communicate the will of grassroots gun owners.

We must send the message that gun owners aren’t going away and are only getting stronger.

With the next legislative session on the horizon, your continued support is needed now more than ever.

For Freedom,

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