Republicans Compromising Already?

December 4, 2020


I wish it wasn’t true, but here we are again.

Reliable sources at the Capitol report that Republican Speaker of the House Jay Lucas is already working to force his caucus to compromise on your gun rights.

Much of this information came to light when Palmetto Gun Rights staff were at the Capitol during the yearly organizational session on December 1st.

During this time, my staff uncovered that leadership is scheming to push a so-called “licensed open carry” bill instead of Constitutional Carry, hoping you and I will just accept it and go away.

So after yet another campaign season of big promises to gun owners, leadership is looking to do as little as possible and expects us to go along with it.

To be clear, that’s not going to happen.

This “licensed open carry” bill includes the same fees, the same government-mandated classes, and the same bureaucratic hoops.

Their bill just makes it so you won’t be thrown in jail for carrying openly if you already have a permit.

But Republicans in Columbia still believe you should be fined up to $1,000 and thrown in jail for up to a year if you don’t have a permit.

They think this will pacify gun owners into being quiet and going away.

You and I both know better.

Lawmakers could easily pass Constitutional Carry, but sadly they appear poised to do as little as possible and bill it as “the best we can do.”

What a load of nonsense.

We must make it absolutely clear that gun owners are NOT going away and will NOT settle for anything less than the true restoration of our rights.

So sign your Constitutional Carry petition today to tell legislators our God-given rights are not to be bargained with!

South Carolina voters just sent Republicans back to Columbia with even larger majorities and a CLEAR mandate: PASS CONSTUTIONAL CARRY NOW.

What do we get for our votes?

More compromise.

More placating.

More excuses.

Can you imagine what Democrats would do with the super-majorities Republicans now enjoy in Columbia?

There would be no compromise; only massive, wide-spread gun control.

When Democrats have power, they do everything they can to take away our rights.

But South Carolina Republicans seem content to sit on their hands, peddling pro-gun rhetoric without actually doing anything to restore our rights.

So please sign your Constitutional Carry petition and send the message that we will accept nothing less than the FULL restoration of our rights!

Republican leadership is preparing to set the bar very low for themselves by convincing their caucus and gun owners that so-called “licensed open carry” is all that is possible right now.

Then they’ll pat themselves on the backs for pretending to pass “pro-gun” legislation.

Speaker Lucas and his allies are selling a bill of goods that gun owners MUST soundly reject and instead demand that their conservative lawmakers do what they were sent there to do: Pass Constitutional Carry.

At Palmetto Gun Rights, we believe ANY compromise of your God-given rights is unacceptable.

Of course, as we expose this compromise for what it is, we fully expect Republican leadership to run to the establishment gun lobby for cover.

But PGR, as the fastest-growing NO COMPROMISE pro-gun group in the state, will never accept the watering down of your God-given rights.

Not now.

Not ever.

We need your support during this time to help hold weak-kneed politicians’ feet to the fire.

Without your help, politicians will continue to ignore the demands of gun owners and introduce half-measures that do little for our Second Amendment rights.

Don’t forget to sign your Constitutional Carry petition and tell politicians that gun owners will not be pacified by weak, distracting compromises.

Only the FULL restoration of our rights will do.

Please stay tuned and keep checking your inbox as we notify our members of more ways you can help push this across the finish line.

Also, forward this link to three or more friends to let them know what’s going on in the fight for our rights and encourage them to help by signing the petition.

Your continued support and activism is greatly appreciated.

For Freedom,

Denise Snelling
Palmetto Gun Rights


P.S. Reliable sources at the Capitol report that Republican House leadership is already working to compromise on your gun rights.

Help us send a clear message to the Republican supermajorities in Columbia that we will not be placated by a so-called “licensed open carry” bill when they have the votes to pass Constitutional Carry.

Make it clear that we will accept nothing less than the full restoration of our rights and the passage of Constitutional Carry.

So help us demand politicians restore our God-given rights by signing your Constitutional Carry petition!

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