Will South Carolina Be the Next Victim of Gun Control?

Jan 27, 2020 | Latest News

Don’t think gun control can happen here?

The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature just sent a massive gun control package to the Governor’s desk, who plans to sign it into law.

Believe me, gun grabbers across the nation are jumping for joy.

By knocking off a state with major electoral implications, the anti-gun crowd is hoping for a domino effect of gun control across the nation.

And they’re ready to keep this momentum going.

You better believe that South Carolina is on their agenda.

The truth is the anti-gunners could care little about the facts.

Egregious acts of evil like the Parkland shooting continue to occur in areas where law-abiding citizens are stripped of their rights to protect themselves.

And in Parkland, Florida, teachers were left defenseless like sitting ducks, unable to protect their students.

We have seen enough of these senseless tragedies.

But politicians are working overtime to create more of the same types of dangerous laws that continue to create soft targets for deranged criminals.

That’s why I need you to sign your No Gun Control Mandate RIGHT AWAY.

Your mandate will send a loud and clear message to the Republican establishment here in South Carolina that we will not tolerate any anti-gun advances!

Right now, politicians from both parties are jockeying for position to push the gun control status quo… and shamelessly using the blood of innocents to advance their radical agenda.

In fact, Republican State Senator Greg Gregory is parroting rabid anti-gunner Dianne Feinstein in openly advocating for the restriction of common sporting rifles and magazine capacity limits of ten rounds for ALL firearms.

Gregory recently stated that: “Whether we can pass it or not, we need to be on offense on common-sense gun [ban] regulation.”

Common-sense gun ban? Don’t make me laugh!

The cold hard truth is government can’t and won’t keep you SAFE!

In the case of Parkland, the FBI dropped the ball after law enforcement made over 30 prior visits to the shooters home.

The FBI FAILED to follow their own protocols after being alerted about the Florida killer and his intentions on TWO separate occasions.

And recent reports show that the Sheriff’s Deputy hired to keep students safe was cowering in fear from the shooter, instead of trying to stop him.

No matter what the “experts” say, YOU are always the best first responder to any situation.

Yet the gun grabbers in the media are creating so much anti-gun hysteria to try and make you believe otherwise.

We don’t need gun control in South Carolina.

And the reality is that good people confronting evil with force is crucial to defending our loved ones.

Until lawmakers abandon their futile gun control crusades and focus on policies that empower law-abiding citizens, we should expect more of the same.

And if we don’t fight back NOW and stand up for our Second Amendment Rights, we could be in for a world of HURT.

So please sign your No Gun Control Mandate IMMEDIATELY.

Once you’ve signed your petition, please consider chipping in $30 or $10 to help us fund the fight against gun control in South Carolina!

For Freedom,
Denise Snelling
Denise Snelling
Palmetto Gun Rights

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